IMPACT OSS is a software created to assist States with coordinating and monitoring implementation of human rights and the SDGs, and also communicate implementation progress to the public.

Managing content

With IMPACT OSS you can create, publish, update and finally also link the required content items:

  • Recommendations: recommendations and observations that States receive from UN Treaty Bodies and other UN human rights mechanisms;
  • SDG targets (optional configuration, not pictured below): the 169 internationally agreed targets to achieve the 17 SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)
  • Actions: government actions to address and implement the recommendations (and SDG targets), forming the national Implementation plan
  • Indicators and reports: progress and outcome indicators, as well as associated reports, to track and document action implementation progress and outcomes
  • Clusters & categories: tags for clustering and grouping recommendations, targets and actions, and ultimately for facilitating analysis and reporting. IMPACT allows setting up different category types, for example recommending mechanisms, recommendation clusters, themes/issues, person groups, implementing agencies.
  • Pages for providing context and editorial content

See also >> Managing content

Batch features for maintaining multiple items at once

In addition to allowing these items to be created and maintained individually and one-by-one, IMPACT OSS comes equipped with some powerful batch features that allow creating or updating multiple items at once.

Import: create multiple items

IMPACT OSS allows creating multiple items at once by using the import feature that is available for recommendations, actions, and indicators. The import feature requires the content to be prepared and saved as a CSV text file that can be edited using appropriate spreadsheet software such as MS Excel. CSV templates can be downloaded for each item that include all the required and optional attributes.

See also >> Import: create multiple

Batch edit: update multiple items

With IMPACT OSS you can also update multiple items at once, as well as link multiple items with multiple other items, for example assigning multiple recommendations to a recommendation cluster or linking multiple actions with all recommendations of a recommendation cluster that they address.

See also >> Batch edit: update multiple

Exploring content

IMPACT OSS provides different ways to explore the content

Category breakdowns

Visual breakdowns of recommendations and actions by categories are provided to facilitate high-level analyses.

Filtering content

Recommendation and action overview lists can be filtered by

  • reference or keyword (contained in title)
  • category (any tag associated with item, e.g. recommendation cluster, treaty body, etc)
  • connection (any other linked item)
  • connected categories (any tag associated with any linked item)
  • attribute (selected attributes, e.g. publication status)
Implementation plan view

The implementation plan view allows drilling down to show any progress reports and upcoming due dates nested within the list of actions.

See also

Reporting & follow-up

Once actions have been entered and published, implementation progress and outcomes must be regularly documented.

Progress reports

With IMPACT OSS multiple progress reports can be created for each action (or also group of actions) to document the implementation progress and outcomes (linked via indicators).

Reporting schedule

A reporting schedule of due dates can be created if progress reports are required at regular intervals.

Automated Email reminders

When a progress report is due, IMPACT OSS will send out automated email reminders directly to the responsible user. Once the due date passes, additional reminders are sent to another user responsible to oversee multiple actions.

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