2. Additional information

User roles

In IMPACT OSS registered users have one of the following roles (ordered by increasing privileges). Typically most users would be contributors or managers and only a few would be administrators.

Guest (no role assigned)

Once a website visitor registers, they will immediately assume the implicit role Guest.

Compared to visitors that have not registered guests can

  • log in
  • reset their password
  • update their own user profile
  • contribute a draft progress report for any indicator (a draft report will not be publicly visible unless a manager or administrator explicitly publishes it)
  • be promoted (by a manager or administrator)


Contributors are users that can be made responsible for contributing progress reports to an indicator they have been assigned to.

In addition to the guest privileges (see above), contributors can

  • view all draft content
  • be assigned to one or more indicators (by a manager or administrator)
  • receive email reminders for contributing progress reports for indicators they have been assigned to (if a reporting schedule has been set up by a manager or administrator)
  • contribute and publish a progress report for the indicator they have been assigned to


Managers are users that can with few exceptions (see Administrators below) manage all the content of IMPACT OSS.

In addition to the contributor privileges (see above), managers can

  • create and publish recommendations, actions, indicators, progress reports, SDG targets (if configured) and categories (tags)
  • be assigned to a category to oversee reporting for all indicators linked (via recommendations and/or actions) with that category (by an administrator)
  • promote guests to become contributors (as well as demote accordingly)
  • assign contributors to indicators


Administrators have all available privileges

In addition to the manager privileges (see above), administrators can

  • create and publish pages
  • delete content
  • promote users to contributor, manager or administrator (as well as demote accordingly)
  • assign managers to categories

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